Hawai’i crime series featuring Vanessa Storm

Hawai’i is known for jungles, beaches, surf, sun … and deadly mystery.

Following a lifelong dream, FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm transfers to the FBI’s Hawaii Division, where she brings her special abilities to bear on some of the most puzzling and dangerous crimes.

All four Vanessa Storm books are part of the Lei Crime Kindle World, based on the series created by Toby Neal.

Torn Roots

Detective Pono Kaihale accepts a short-term position as Acting Lieutenant in Hana on Maui’s rain-forest coast. By his second week on the job, trouble comes in unexpected forms.

As environmentalists, property developers, protesters, arsonists, kidnappers and a rogue Homeland Security agent converge on his new post, Pono feels like the eye of a brewing storm. And when new FBI agent Vanessa Storm gets involved, Pono realizes the stakes are much higher than a quiet period in his career.

“Torn Roots is an awesome addition to the Lei Crime Series.”—Bestselling author Lucas Kana

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Palm Trees & Snowflakes

Snowflake has a whole new meaning in Hawaii. The new designer drug being trafficked through Oahu gives users the perfect high—and slowly kills them.

In Honolulu, where the palm trees are strung with lights for the holidays, FBI Special Agents Vanessa Storm and Ken Yamada have their hands full trying to stop this deadly flow. Faulty intel brings the agents into a deadly firefight, which yields even more puzzles.

“This short story packs a punch.”—Amazon reviewer

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Dead Man Lying

She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer.

With lush rain forests, black sand beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle, Maui offers the perfect retirement location for once-famous country singer Steven Sangster … until he ends up dead.

As the killer, or killers, strike again and again, Detective Lei Texeira and FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm must untangle the lies spun by the singer’s associates, friends, family — and the singer himself before the music dies.

First Place winner of the East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Award  —  Mystery — work in progress.

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“I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place.” — Michel Foucault

The Kahuna—“wizard” in old Hawai’ian—was the only one who could surprise Vanessa Storm when she was a teenager. When she’s an FBI Special Agent, though, things are different. She’s no longer a girl impressed with small-town bad boys.

But the echo of a crime pulls the Kahuna back into Vanessa’s life.

“This is one of Scott Bury’s best!”—Samreen Ahsan, multi-award winning author

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