Cover update: Wildfire, a Wine Country Mystery

Hold the presses! I’ve decided to change the title of the series I will launch into the world next week. The story will still be the same, with the same character and the same title. However, the name of the series is more descriptive, more informative to the readers.

It’s now Wildfire: A Wine Country Mystery.

Thanks again to David C. Cassidy for making the change so promptly and so well.

The new series title tells the potential reader a lot more of what the book is about. It provides a setting and describes that backdrop to the story.

It will still be a “Tara Rezeck mystery,” because the protagonist is still Tara Rezeck, the single mom-law school grad who moves to the west coast in pursuit of a lifelong dream. And it’s still a mystery.

And it still comes out on March 22.

But calling it a “Tara Rezeck mystery” will not mean anything to most readers. After all, it’s the first installment in a projected series.

Calling the series “Wine Country Mysteries” also opens up a lot of possibilities for future volumes. Tara can go on to investigate mysteries wherever there’s wine: Provence, Tuscany, New Zealand … and I’ll have to go, of course, to do research.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride. In a literary sense, of course.

Want to find out more about Wildfire?

You can read the first two chapters for free on Wattpad.

You can also read excerpts on blogs of my writer friends over the next week or so:

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