Meet Tara Rezeck

Wildfire, the first Wine Country Mystery, launches on Thursday, March 22.

I’m very excited about it.

So at this point, I thought I would introduce the protagonist, Tara Rezeck.

Who is Tara? She’s a smart, passionate 27-year-old woman from Vermont who has just graduated cum laude from the prestigious Vermont Law School.

Daughter of a college professor and a professional musician, Tara had two dreams growing up: to study law in university, and to someday live in California, preferably close to wine country. She’s a diligent and intelligent student, earning high marks through high school, where her sport is martial arts. Before she turns 18, she’s earned her Black Belt in Karate.

In summers, she gets a job in a restaurant and learns to be a cook. She takes courses, as well, and qualifies as a line cook.

Young Tara, always reading a book.

She continues her studious habits in university and in law school, graduating cum laude.

Wildfire begins as Tara fulfills her dreams. After getting her degree, she packs up her trusty Honda Civic and heads for California.

But like all dreams, fulfilling it does not come without pain. Until she gets settled, she has to leave her baby daughter Roxanne with her parents. It’s a decision that stabs at her heart every day.

Back up a little

Okay, you’re asking: daughter?

Tara has made one major mistake, and you cannot really blame her for it. In university, she met and fell in love with the handsome, athletic, smart Bobby, who was studying business and on track for a high-paying corporate job. Everything a smart girl wants in a boyfriend.

During her first year in postgrad law school, Tara learned she was pregnant. Bobby was less than thrilled. In fact, he was so not thrilled that he ended the relationship and moved back home to New Jersey—leaving Tara to have a baby and raise her on his own.

Tara didn’t let him get away scot-free. Bobby is paying monthly child support. To his credit, has never protested the amount of monthly payments, and is never late. But he has never set eyes on his beautiful baby daughter.

Tara takes a year off of school to have her baby. Moving back in with her parents is embarrassing, but without their loving support, she would never have been able to finish her degree.

Tara at her parents’ home for Christmas

So this is Tara Rezeck: law school grad, qualified professional cook, Black Belt, mother, daughter, job-seeker.

A little too much? Not really. I have a son who is a professional teacher, a black belt and a swimming instructor.

So take a look at Wildfire on Amazon and Smashwords. Check out some of the teasers of the book on my friends’ blogs. And let me know what you think of Tara Rezeck.

Get a taste of California wine country mystery:

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