(Almost) live blogging from the Ottawa Authors’ Market

This was intended to be a live blog from the Authors’ Market in front of the ByWard Market in Ottawa. But I found the limits of my iPad and wi-fi.

Yesterday was my fifth live book selling and signing event so far this summer.  And as you can see in the picture, I had something new to add to the display. It’s the cover of the soon-to-be-released first volume in the new Hawaiian Storm series, Torn Roots.

It was great to be out here, on a beautiful late-summer afternoon. I chatted with many readers, hearing so many interesting stories. For instance, my first sale of Army of Worn Soles was to a military historian, Nathan Greenfield, author of The Reckoning: Canadian POWs in the Great War and several other books about Canadians at war.

Another great source of fun was all the Carleton University students. They passed in droves, chasing items for their frosh week scavenger hunt. I’ve already helped two groups who needed a picture of someone with a Blackberry smart phone. I carry mine with me solely for use as a mobile wi-fi hot spot.

As I said, I quickly found that connecting to the blog really pushed the limits of my iPad. The lag between every keystroke and the character showing up on the screen reached several minutes. Then the page would have to be reloaded repeatedly, each time taking several minutes.

So I dropped the live post in favour of finishing it on a desktop computer and communicating “live” through Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some other pictures of the fun.

me and Evan
My son Evan dropped by for a visit. That’s him on the right. He was the basis of two characters: the looks for Javor of The Bones of the Earth, and the character of socialist superhero Van Freeman from Stealth and The Wife Line.
My display, with the new cover of Torn Roots—coming September 29!
Carleton University freshman gave me a sun god blessing for my latest book, Wildfire.

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