Cover reveal: The Eastern Front

It’s here — finally!

The full story of my late father-in-law, Maurice Bury, collected in one volume, will soon be available as a single, big beautiful paperback version.

So this is a good time to share the cover with the world. The front cover was designed by the great David C. Cassidy, matching the work he did on the individual volumes.

Here is the full cover:

The unified Eastern Front Trilogy paperback will be available “wide.” Unlike the e-book versions of the individual volumes, it will not be exclusive to any one retail platform. You will be able to buy it from the source you prefer. You’ll also be able to get it at your local bookstore, or at least have them order it in for you.

Tell your friends

Have you already read Army of Worn Soles, Under the Nazi Heel and Walking Out of War? Then tell your avid reader friends that they’re now available in one volume.

Read samples for free

You can find a little more about each of the three books by reading sample chapters:

  • Army of Worn Soles—How a Canadian man found himself fighting in the Soviet Red Army against Nazi Germany’s invasion in 1941
  • Under the Nazi Heel—Resisting the brutal occupation of Ukraine in a bitter four-sided war
  • Walking Out of War—A Canadian struggles to survive the death struggle between Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR, and then return home.

You can still buy them separately as e-books or paperback.

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