Sample Sunday: Initiation Rites—The blessing

As I’ve posted before, I used to participate in a Web round called Six Sentence Sunday. Each week, we participants would post six consecutive sentences from a writing project on our blogs. We’d include a link to the Six Sentence Sunday page and then post the link to our post on the central Six Sentence Sunday page. Every Sunday, we’d read the other participants’ samples, and comment on them.

Six Sentence Sunday has since closed down, but I’m replaying them here for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think in the Comments.

“Your actions have shown you to be one chosen by the powers of the world to accomplish wondrous deeds,” she said, as if she had heard his question.

Her hands moved up his arms. Without losing contact with his skin, she moved around him and began spreading the oil on his neck and shoulders. Drops of oil set his skin on fire as they ran down his back.

His vision swam, and he felt as if he were rocking back and forth on his feet, no matter how hard he tried to stand still. He couldn’t speak.

That six-sentence excerpt is from Part One of The Bones of the Earth. For more, you can click the tab above, or download a long, free sample from Smashwords.

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