Cover reveal: The Children of the Seventh Son

It’s done! The Children of the Seventh Son is ready to release.

The second book in the Dark Age trilogy has been fully edited, proofread, and revised several times by yours truly in between every stage.

And now it has a cover, with an original image painted by artist Marc Laisne of Montpelier, France and Ottawa, Canada. The cover design is again by the inimitable David C. Cassidy of southern Ontario.

A great, truly original cover is not something that you see very often on an independently published book these days. That’s one reason I’m so proud of it. But the main reason is that it is an arresting, high-quality image that also illustrates and important scene in the book.

Watch for a teaser portion available in ebook format by Hallowe’en, October 31, and the full ebook by Friday, November 13.

In the meantime, you can find more information on Goodreads.

Want a copy before official launch day?

If you’re willing to read and review The Children of the Seventh Son, and post your review on Goodreads or a book e-tailer, please send me an email. I’ll send you an advance review copy. Just put “ARC-Children” in the subject line, and tell me which format you prefer: .mobi for Kindle readers, or .epub for other e-readers.

What The Children of the Seventh Son is about

Book 2 of the Dark Age trilogy

The year 600 of the Christian Era is the darkest time of the Dark Age. Young Javor the Sklavene has settled in Constantinople, the last bastion of civilization against dark forces that have shattered the Western Roman Empire.

Wielding two special weapons made from the Bones of the Earth, Javor has become the favourite monster-killer of the secret Gnostic Order. As his young family grows, he is sent to distant, exotic lands to eliminate threats and learn more about why the earth is intent on destroying humanity.

Every mission seems to bring more questions than answers—until he finds the greatest danger comes not from forces from beneath the surface of the world, but from the very civilization he has been defending.

The Children of the Seventh Son is the second book in the Dark Age trilogy, following Book 1, The Bones of the Earth.

Haven’t read The Bones of the Earth yet? Enjoy a sample.

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  1. Scott, All I can say is “WOW!” What a beautiful cover on your latest literary endeavor! I am very proud to be even a small part of helping you to launch The Children of the Seventh Son. For others who may comment here, I’ll simply tell you that the inside of this book is as masterfully created as the cover. Congratulations, Scott!


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