December 2020

I hereby resolve to …

exercise regularly eat healthy spend less time on social media Yah. Let’s go with that. New Year’s Day is such a cliché as a starting point for new projects so that the short lifespan of new year’s resolutions is a cliché in itself. Even so, I cannot resist the inspiration of resolve and hope that […]

Happy Yule!

It’s the shortest day of the year, and I find myself expectant. I am looking out the window of my study. I should be writing, or editing, but I feel more like I am waiting. Like the whole world is waiting. For what? Waiting for Christmas, of course. Or other holidays. As we all well […]

A good day to be a legionnaire

A free sample from The Children of the Seventh Son, Dark Age Book 2, Interlude 1  “Boys, our scouts have found the barbarian camp just over that ridge,” the Centurion said. Tullus Ionicus tightened his grip on the reins and tried to control his breathing. His horse, Albus, stirred under his hips. Tullus could hear […]