Gateway, my latest editing project, is live!

The latest editing project of The Written Word has hit the retailers: Gateway, the latest release by the master of horror, David C. Cassidy.

This is the second David C. Cassidy work edited by The Written Word, following The Dark, published in 2014.

“A perfectly creepy story that will keep you up at night … it’s terrifyingly good.” ★★★★★

“A supernatural thriller with an irresistible appeal.” ★★★★★

“Captivating, riveting, and petrifying … a superbly written story that excites the imagination and chills the blood.” ★★★★★

“Gateway is a story for fans of tales that make them feel the creepiness as if it is a living thing crawling on their skin.” ★★★★★

What it’s about

Miraculous power. Crazies and killers. Evil unleashed.

What darkness lurks beyond the soul? In this terrifying supernatural thriller that chills with a nerve-wracking pace, nothing can prepare you for the answer that awaits. A tragic tale of love and family, betrayal and sacrifice, Gateway rocks like a never-ending earthquake, exploring the blackest depths of human frailty and shocking brutality–and draws back the curtain to reveal the monsters inside of us.

Sometimes, good people do bad things.
And sometimes … really nasty things.

Jared Cole has it all. Talent. Fame. Success. But this best-selling horror novelist also has an astonishing power: he can see souls. Returning to his sleepy hometown of Torch Falls, Montana after seven years in the grind of New York City, it seems the perfect plan to keep his secret safe and to jump-start his sagging career. But when he unwittingly opens a window–a gateway–into the soul of an epileptic child, his dream of a fresh start becomes a nightmare. A relentless and sinister evil is unleashed, twisting peaceful townsfolk into psychotic crazies and cold-blooded killers. Can Jared close the gateway before the town becomes a graveyard?

6-time ReadersFavorite 5-Star Selection

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The author in his own words

I’m a writer. I love to write.

I love stories. I love reading them, and I love telling them. Fiction is a great vehicle for telling lie after lie and getting away with it … every day. Small wonder politicians write books. Seems a natural fit.

A story has to move me, and whether it makes me cower, cuddle, or curse, I need that emotional kick. To that end, I craft the best damn stuff that I can, writing my characters from the heart.

I have lots of inspiring heroes—some real, some not—that taught me what amounts to a whole darn lot.

Mozart taught me to listen.
Newton taught me to see.
Mitch Albom taught me to say so much in so little.
Clive Barker taught me to imagine—and then to imagine more.
Stephen King taught me the art of the story—how to lie your ass off and make them believe.
Frank Darabont taught me that the heart is enduring.
Sean Penn taught me to put my soul into my work.
James Cameron taught me that magic is real.
The Three Stooges taught me to laugh.
Jean-Luc Picard taught me to be a better human being.

And if I learned one thing from all of them, it’s this—keep your foot on the gas and your eye on the road. You’ll get there.

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