August 2021

Get to know an author: Patricia Logan

How well do you know writers? Even if you’re close to several, the next one will surprise you. Every one is so different. This week, get to know Patricia Logan, author of erotic romances and mysteries. How would you describe your books? I have written almost 70 books, so I’ll concentrate on the last five […]

Get to know an author: Mike Wells

Independent writers are a diverse bunch. More than diverse. Every one is so different from all the others, so particular, so bewildering … To understand what makes writers tick, we need to learn more about them. I’m attempting that, one writer at a time. This week, let’s get to know Mike Wells. First, tell us […]

Meet an author: Lucy Appadoo

I’m starting a new occasional series on the blog today: interviews with other authors about their journey as artists. And these will be authors with styles very different from my own. We will start with an author of contemporary literature, stories about women, from Australia: Lucy Appadoo. Full disclosure: I recently edited her soon-to-be released […]

A look-ahead sample of a work in progress Fractured States of America, or The Woman from the Prairie Bank Leona’s second message came in as Josh was driving to Kansas City. He pulled it up on the heads-up display so that it showed in white text that overlapped the view of the truck in front […]