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Together, we crushed it! 

Through August, I joined thousands of cyclists across Canada in the Great Cycle Challenge Canada. We biked to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children’s campaign for research into improved treatments and cures for children’s cancers. 

I originally planned to cycle 200 km, and raise $500. Well, I was getting close to both goals midway through the month, so I upped the ante to 300 kms and $750.

With support from people like you, I easily made the 300 km, and brought in $769.31. 

In all, campaign participants pedalled 3,538,289 km and raised $9,119,252.

Thanks to everyone who rode and sponsored.

Modest rewards for readers

Of course, the greatest reward is the hope it gives children with cancer, and indeed, all of us. In knowing we’ve made a difference.

But as luck would have it, I just learned about Amazon’s Kindle Summer Rewards program. From July 7 (why didn’t I see this earlier?) to September 22, readers earn reward points from Amazon. Normally, every dollar you spend on ebooks earns five points; two points per dollar on print books. Once you’ve accumulated 400 points, you can redeem them for $4 in ebook credits.

If you’ve bought ebooks from Amazon before, you’ve already earned some points. And until September 22, you can take a big step closer to frebies: following an author will get you 250 bonus points. So why not follow me

The graphic below shows how easy it is. Try it out!

Thanks, again, for sponsoring and following.

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