The end is near

I wrote that I will never again say “things can’t get worse.” Because they did, and continue to. COVID-19 cases are increasing again in China, Japan, the U.K. and elsewhere.  And the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine grinds on. 

I find this particularly affecting, as I am married to a Ukrainian-Canadian, and I wrote three books about her father’s wartime experience in Ukraine as part of the Red Army. Roxanne and I find ourselves glued to news about the war, until we can no longer stand the horrific images and stories. 

There is another aspect that strikes me  about the conflict: just how tough the Ukrainian resistance is—and how tough it has been in previous conflicts. 

I have been doing a lot of research and writing to prepare for the Eastern Front podcast I plan to launch soon. During the Second World War, the Germans of Army Group South met the strongest resistance against their drive through Ukraine to Kyiv. 

Today, Russian forces have bogged down, making only incremental advances over the past three weeks.

Still, they cause  major destruction and death. They’ve destroyed homes, hospitals, theatres, shelters and beautiful, historic buildings.

According to the Kyiv Independent, as of March 18, Russian forces have killed 109 children since the beginning of the invasion, among the hundreds of civilians dead. Russian forces have also lost more than 7,000 of their own soldiers. 

What can I do? What can we do?

I can hope that Ukraine holds out long enough for the sanctions have a deep effect, Russia realizes it cannot win this war, and the Russian people have had enough and force their tyrants to end it.

I can continue to write to raise awareness of the plight of Ukrainian and Russian people who must fight this brutality. 

And I—we—can support Ukraine and its people through political action (pressuring our politicians) and financial support.

We can donate money to help the victims and refugees. I delivered clothes and other personal items to a relief organization, and transportation company Meest

Join me

I have devoted all revenues from the Eastern Front Trilogy, e-book and paperback, directly to support and relief for Ukrainian refugees, until it’s safe for all of them to return home. 

You can find full details, including links to buy the books, on my website’s Eastern Front Trilogy page

Here are shortcuts to buy them right now.

The Eastern Front Trilogy—all three books in one paperback:

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Walking Out of War—Book e of the Eastern Front Trilogy (e-book only)

Warning: the prices go up April 1.

But Scott, aren’t you worried about being political on your author blog?

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that no, that does not worry me. Last month, I wrote about the national temper tantrum whose participants had the temerity to call it the “freedom convoy.” I called them what I saw: a bunch of selfish, irresponsible bullies, cowards afraid of a needle who feel entitled to impose their irrational opinions on others, shut down businesses and prevent minimum-wage workers from earning even the meagre amounts they can. They put everyone around them at risk in many ways. 

Interestingly, those statements brought the first negative reactions I have ever received, even when I’ve made political or sociological statements before. My favourite was “Keep to writing your books and stay out of politics.” 

I won’t miss those people. 

End of the freebies

Two years ago, I promised that my books would be free or as close to it as allowed by the various e-tail platforms, as long as the pandemic lasts. 

I know that I have predicted the end of the pandemic before, only to be fooled by new variants of the coronavirus and new waves of infections. 

And I know that there are rising rates of infections and outbreaks around the world. 


…according to our fearful leaders (fearful of not getting re-elected), the pandemic is over! No more masks! No more testing! Back to cavorting nude in the parks, slithering over each other’s naked bodies (optional in Ontario until after blackfly season). 

Seriously, though, I said that I would go back to normal pricing after full vaccination rates went over 80 percent in Canada, and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were no longer impinging on the health care system’s ability to deal with the full range of people’s health concerns.

Well, vaccination in Canada passed 80 percent a few weeks ago. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are coming down, but still higher than some of the earlier peaks. And the health care system is less overwhelmed by COVID now than by the usual bad management and underfunding. 

What that means

As of April 1, 2022, prices for all my books will go back to normal levels, like $2.99 to $5.99 for an e-book, depending on the size, and $22 to $25 for a trade-format paperback. So don’t wait much longer—get your books free or at a discount while you can!

See all the books

But don’t worry: every month, I’ll have a special on one title, either deeply discounted or free. 

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