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A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the Kickstarter campaign launched to support the new podcast, Beyond Barbarossa.

You read about the rewards for supporting: everything from a shout-out in the first episode to t-shirts.

Now, there’s a new reward level. For a $20 CDN contribution, or $15 USD, supporters will receive a signed copy of the e-book, Army of Worn Soles, the first book in the Eastern Front Trilogy

Army of Worn Soles tells the story of how a Canadian-born man, Maurice Bury, got drafted into the Soviet Red Army in 1941, fought against the Nazi German invasion of the USSR, got captured and finally escaped with his men from a German POW camp. 

The Kickstarter campaign aims to some funds to defray some of the up-front costs of producing the podcast. Things like professional sound equipment, podcast hosting and graphic design.

The full range of rewards now goes like this: 

$8 US ($CA 10) and up: a full one-year subscription to the podcast, which gives you new episodes in advance of the general audience, PLUS a shout-out thanking you by name in the first episode

$15 US ($CA 20) and up: the subscription and shout-out as above, PLUS a signed e-copy of Army of Worn Soles 

$50 ($CA 65) and up: the rewards as above, PLUS a signed paperback copy of The Eastern Front Trilogy  

$75 ($CA 95) and up: all the rewards as above, PLUS a commemorative Beyond Barbarossa mug

$150 US ($CA 190) and up: The Whole Shebang—all the rewards above, the shout-out, subscription, signed paperback, commemorative mug PLUS a Beyond Barbarossa t-shirt!

So now, there’s a full range of gifts for all contribution levels.

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Tune in

Beyond Barbarossa: the podcast launches on June 22, 2022—the 81st anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, Germany’s invasion of the USSR in 1941. Learn more at: 

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