The second episode is LIVE!

Beyond Barbarossa, episode 2:
The twisted, evil, inside-out rom-com

That’s right. My venture into the world of podcasting is not a one-time leap. The second episode is now live on all the major podcasting platforms: Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

Soon, I’ll write a post about my learning curve. But first, I have to get past the maximum point (to stretch a mathematical analogy) so I can write with some perspective. 

Episode 2 goes back a little bit, into the 1930s, to look at what brought the twin tyrannies of nazi Germany and the communist USSR to the brink of war. 

It also dispenses with a few myths around the outbreak of the Second World War’s eastern front. Such as the idea that it was a complete surprise. 

So tune your podcatcher dial to Beyond Barbarossa and hear about just how much advance knowledge that Joseph Stalin and the USSR had about Operation Barbarossa—the greatest land invasion in human history. 

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