Day of Labour past

What a summer. And now, it’s over.

It’s almost like it never happened. What with forest fires around the world, smoky skies, floods, oppressive heat and this hernia, I didn’t get to do all the outdoor stuff I like to do.

The beginning of summer 2023 in Ottawa. That’s smoke from forest fires making the sun orange.

I guess I didn’t tell you all this before, but I suffered a hernia last winter, courtesy of Daisy the Golden Doodle—who should be named Lodi, for Least Obedient Dog Ever. So this summer, I haven’t been able to cycle (at least, not uphill), paddle or do much in the way of exercise.

Least Obedient Dog Ever

Except walking the dog. Hmmm… 

Still, this season has turned out to be a very busy time, between my podcast, writing, editing books, and more. Like walking the dog three times a day. Every day. I wonder … 

My next book

I know I’ve said this before, but my next book, a new Hawaiian Storm mystery called Echoes, is getting closer to publication. I’ve sent it to a beta reader, who’s made some valuable suggestions. So a little more work, and it will be ready for the editor!

It’s titled Echoes, the fourth Hawaiian Storm mystery. I think it’s the best, and the deepest. It goes into Vanessa Storm’s teenage years and her first love affair, and advances to a gang war for control of the drug trade on Oahyu’s leeward side. On the way, you’ll meet a poet, a magic man, and a cast of some of the most interesting characters that have ever arrived in my brain.

So watch for it soon!

What do you think

What do you want to read? What do you think I should write next? My dystopian near-future sci-fi novel, a current-era espionage thriller, a Wine Country Mystery or a paranormal-occult mystery? Let me know in the Comments.

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