Thinking of a new way to write

You know I have a lot more ideas for stories than I’ll ever have time to write. So I’ve been thinking, during idle times like going to the grocery store or walking the dog: maybe I need a new way to write long fiction. One that acknowledges that we’re distracted all the time, that our attention is fragmented.

We don’t just watch TV anymore. Not only has streaming fundamentally changed the medium, but so has the multi-screen experience. I know that I don’t just sit down and watch a show anymore. I know that when I watch a complicated series like The Witcher or especially Dark, I need to have my tablet at hand to look up previous episodes or characters—just to keep the plot straight in my own mind. 

Even when watching a movie, who hasn’t asked “Where did we see that actor before? Did the same thing happen in that movie about the woman who did the thing?”

I’m thinking of how to reflect that reality in the medium of the written word. Maybe I’ll try it in my next novel.

Which brings up the next question: what is the next book I’m going to write? Here are some of my ideas. In the Comments, let me know which you’d like to see next

Fractured States of America

A dystopian near-future sci-fi thriller across the Midwest USA

Fractured US flag

Nesting Dolls

A modern-day cyber-war spy thriller

The Triumph of the Sky

The third book in the Dark Age Trilogy

Dark Clouds
An occult paranormal spy thriller

The Van and LeBrun series


  • Stealth
  • The Wife Line
  • The Three Way

Deep Fake

Wine Country Mystery #2

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