Your invitation to the Alpha Team

What’s the Alpha Team?

It’s a group of readers that come together to support an author. Artists, musicians and performers have similar teams to provide advice and feedback.

It’s a great way for readers to connect with authors, and have input on books before they’re written.

As an Alpha Team member, you can be a beta-reader. This means you’ll get a new book in a pre-release form, and have the opportunity to give some input on the development of the story, characters and description. (You’ll also be helping me find those pesky typos.)

What’s in it for you?

  • Free stuff, including autographed paperback and digital books
  • Membership in a private Facebook Group, only for Scott’s Alpha Team, where you’ll get to exchange ideas and opinions with other team members and take part in discussions about books, publishing and more.
  • Advance information about new projects, books and promotions.

What to do next

You’ll be contributing to new books, and getting to read them ahead of everybody else!