Short stories

Shorter, but just as entertaining fiction from Scott Bury

Sam, the Strawb Part

Children’s fiction

What happens when a thin boy dresses as a pirate, attaches a jolly roger to his bicycle and starts to hijack strawberries?

When the pirate starts handing his booty over to poor children, the people take his side. But the evil fruit monopoly doesn’t take kindly to pirates. They hire the notorious pirate-killer, Commodore Tiberius J. Swinkill, to hunt Sam down.

Thus begins the epic chase across Canada. It’s broken bicycle against a sailboat on wheels in a chase for the hearts and strawberries of the nation!

This swashbuckling tale of fury and fruit is for children, parents and everyone who loves strawberries, children or pirates.

Author Scott Bury will donate all proceeds from the sales of this story to Children at Risk, a registered charity that supports families and children with autism spectrum disorders.

A fun, quick read, well worth downloading!” —Kate Spencer, Amazon reviewer

“Made me laugh out loud in the doctor’s waiting room! Quite unlike anything else I’ve ever read.”—Terry Tyler, bestselling author.

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Dark Clouds

The Witch Queen’s Son, Part 1

Paranormal thriller

Matt always knew when his mother was about to arrive: the wind would swirl from every direction at once and dark clouds would mass in the sky.

He and his pretty wife, Teri, try to get out of the way, but as the Witch’s Son, Matt is drawn into a spider’s web.

He has to use his special abilities to spoil the Witch Queen’s plans—but the price for that is to be paid in blood.

Fortunately, Teri has a few special abilities of her own …

“An enjoyable witch story.”—Sarah Baethge, Amazon reviewer and author

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