Van and LeBrun action thrillers

Earl LeBrun is a reclusive high-tech hardware genius with a penchant for making new weapons that can slip past the best security in the world.

Van Freeman is a socialist surfer-dude with the habits of crashing cars and blowing things up.

Together, they take on the biggest, richest cabals in the world, from drug cartels to human traffickers to state-sponsored terrorists.

Jet: Stealth

A Jet Kindle World thriller

Once Mossad’s deadliest assassin, Jet is headed for a new, quiet life in a tropical paradise. But when a mysterious, handsome agent with no tradecraft but with brilliant blue eyes asks for her help to secure a new stealth weapon, she finds she just can’t say no.

This addition to the JET Kindle World combines breakneck pacing and non-stop action with wry humor. based on the characters and world created by bestselling author Russell Blake.

“Action-packed, with a battle against cartel thugs. A must read for Jet fans.”—Jan Nelson, Amazon reviewer

“This is a true roller-coaster assassin thriller, no regrets.”—Frederick Lee Brooke, bestselling author

“I loved every minute of this book and hated to see it end!”—Gail Demaree, Amazon reviewer

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The Wife Line

A Sydney Rye Kindle World thriller

Human traffickers are selling young women from eastern Europe as sex slaves and killing them when they become inconvenient. Sydney Rye’s job is only to protect her client, until a mysterious, aggravating and irresistible young crusader pulls her and Blue on a far more dangerous path: taking down the whole slaving ring.

If you like Emily Kimelman’s Sydney Rye series featuring a strong female character, her canine best friend, Blue, tons of action and a dash of sex, you won’t be able to put The Wife Line down.

Start following Sydney, Blue and Van across the seamiest part of Europe right now.

“Truly exciting and heart pounding.”—Anima Giraldez, Amazon reviewer

“Grabs you from the start.”—Sharon Scott, Amazon reviewer

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The Three-Way

A Sydney Rye Kindle World thriller

How is Daesh, the Islamic State, funding its war of oppression in the Middle East? Van and LeBrun are determined to find out.

Van Freeman, the dreamiest socialist surfer dude secret agent, takes his electromagnetic gun and his hunter-killer drones on a harrowing trip through Daesh-occupied territory, blowing stuff up in his inimitable style, to unravel a three-way deal that feeds the 21st century’s most evil regime.

“Now this is the kind of book I love! Even though it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Van in action he hasn’t changed a bit. Still the surfer blonde dude with long hair that does as he pleases, but he packs a strong punch.”—Anima Giraldez, Amazon reviewer

“Hard to put down and I finished it in one sitting.”—Sharon Scott, Amazon reviewer

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