Get to know an author: Barry Finlay

The series on independent authors continues with this fellow Ottawa author. I met him some years ago at a book fair in Ottawa, and now we are both members of the Ottawa Independent Writers group. Born and raised in Manitoba, he was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal for his fundraising efforts to help […]

Why I write

This is a question that writers get a lot, right up there with “Where do you get your ideas from?”  Both questions have the same answer: I write because I think of new stories all the time. The ideas just come to me. What’s going on in the world around me sparks many stories, but […]

Thanks for your support

Together, we crushed it!  Through August, I joined thousands of cyclists across Canada in the Great Cycle Challenge Canada. We biked to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children’s campaign for research into improved treatments and cures for children’s cancers.  I originally planned to cycle 200 km, and raise $500. Well, I was getting close to […]

A look-ahead sample of a work in progress Fractured States of America, or The Woman from the Prairie Bank Leona’s second message came in as Josh was driving to Kansas City. He pulled it up on the heads-up display so that it showed in white text that overlapped the view of the truck in front […]

Win your summer's whole reading list for free

Enter the eBook & Paperback Sweepstakes! (2) Winners of eBook “Gift Baskets” of ALL ebooks Other Winners of individual ebooks or paperbacks (randomly selected) It’s beach reading season! Yes, it’s finally here, after the most difficult year in a long, long time. So whether you’re going to be reading on the sand, with your feet […]

WIN the full Eastern Front Trilogy

+ 30 more full book series and bonus paperbacks This week, all three volumes of the Eastern Front Trilogy are part of the AuthorXP Boxed Set and Series Sweepstakes. Army of Worn Soles 1941: Their retreat across Ukraine wore their boots out—and they kept going. Three months after drafting him, the Soviet Red Army throws […]

Dead Man Lying cover

A taste of the soon-to-arrive Dead Man Lying: Hawaiian Storm mystery #3 She watched Jeffrey pick up a pen that happened to be sitting on the end table beside the couch, take off the cap and put it on again. He turned to look out the window, and dissatisfied with the darkness, stood and looked […]

Sample Sunday: Death scene

From Chapter 1 of Dead Man Lying—coming soon! A hazy sun shone hot on two women, standing on a rough low platform of volcanic rock. The air was heavy with moisture and the smell of wet soil, flowers and the unique, spicy aroma of Hawaii. Long fronds and branches hung low, weighed down by rain […]