Under the Nazi Heel

The Eastern Front, Book 2

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A memoir in novel form

For Ukrainians in 1942, the occupying Germans were not the only enemy.

Maurice Bury was drafted into the Red Army just in time to be thrown against the invading Germans in 1941. Captured and starved in a POW camp, he escaped and made his way home to western Ukraine, where the Nazi occupiers pursued a policy of starving the locals to make more “living space” for Germans.

To protect his family, Maurice joins the secret resistance. He soon finds the faces multiple threats. Maurice and his men are up against Soviet spies, the Polish Home Army and enemies even closer to home.
Experience this seldom seen phase of World War 2 through the eyes of a man who fought and survived Under the Nazi Heel.

Zazulak stepped ahead as the moon rose above the trees. Maurice could just make out six men in the same dark uniform he wore. Dew worms. If a German patrol heard us, we could say we’re collecting bait for fishing.

Except that it’s not fishing season. And we’re wearing insurgent uniforms.

His heart pounded. Every sound seemed amplified into a riot of rustling leaves, crunching sticks. Even the whisper of his pant legs sounded loud enough to draw a German patrol from a mile away.


“If you read one book this year, this is the one.”
Caleb Pirtle, Venture Galleries

“I found the action of the story to sound very accurate and highly recommend this to any reader who enjoys stories of World War II.”
—author Bob Nailor

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