Sample Sunday: Death scene

From Chapter 1 of Dead Man Lying—coming soon! A hazy sun shone hot on two women, standing on a rough low platform of volcanic rock. The air was heavy with moisture and the smell of wet soil, flowers and the unique, spicy aroma of Hawaii. Long fronds and branches hung low, weighed down by rain […]

Communicating in real time

Wednesday’s failed coup attempt raises troubling possibilities about the state of the world’s most self-congratulatory democracy. It also highlighted the impossibility of providing accurate context when events unfold quickly. Bill Mahr has described the whole administration of the 45th President as a “slow moving coup.” On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, it accelerated. Politicians and pundits […]

Winter inspiration

True winter has finally arrived at Bury Manor in Ottawa. This is good news, because I always find fresh, white snow inspires me to write. Hence this blog post? No—as you saw on my last post, I have resolved to post regularly,. That’s right, you can expect to see more of this on this page, […]

The Children of the Seventh Son cover

A free sample from The Children of the Seventh Son, Dark Age Book 2, Interlude 1  “Boys, our scouts have found the barbarian camp just over that ridge,” the Centurion said. Tullus Ionicus tightened his grip on the reins and tried to control his breathing. His horse, Albus, stirred under his hips. Tullus could hear […]

Aannd ... it's away!

The wait is over! Eight years after Book 1, Book 2 of the Dark Age trilogy, The Children of the Seventh Son, is now out and available in e-book form on all the major e-tailers. And if you act really quickly, you can still take advantage of the pre-launch price at the e-tail platforms, before […]

For the Win is now ready for you!

One of my best author friends, bestseller Raine Thomas, has just released her new baseball romance, For the Win. Not only that, but you could WIN a free copy of the first in the series, For Everly , PLUS a $25 Amazon gift certificate from the author. So don’t miss your chance! Enter to win. What’s […]

Enjoy an author's reading during isolation

The covid-19 pandemic is changing everything. Staying indoors, staying two metres from other people, cancelling events … on one hand, I don’t really mind more opportunity to sit in front of my computer. On the other hand, I am missing some friends and colleagues. And I understand how boring it can be to hear only […]

Ancient history is bloody

  Fantasy lovers, despair not. I’m making good progress with the sequel to my first-published novel, The Bones of the Earth. As regular readers will know, it’s titled The Triumph of the Sky. It continues the story of Javor, the young Sklavenic man who was pulled into a strange war he could not have imagined. […]