Live blogging from the Ottawa ByWard Market Authors’ Market

selling books at ByWard Market Wildfire The Bones of the Earth The Eastern Front trilogy
Greetings from the ByWard Market! Thanks to Kees Kapteyn for taking the picture.

It’s a blustery day here at the corner of William and George streets. Not ideal conditions for selling books outdoors. Gusts whip open the covers of books, scatter bookmarks and postcards, and forget about putting up a poster. Even the notebook I put out for people to enter their names in a draw for a full set of all my books keeps getting blown around. 

But at least it’s not as hot and humid as it has been all week. I cannot imagine having been down here on Monday, when the temperature peaked at 47 degrees Celsius. In fact, the wind notwithstanding, it’s a very pleasant day here in the market.

I’m here today with two other authors. Kees Kapteyn has a display of books let’s of short fiction and flash fiction, while Roxana Orué has her own books as well as others, all in Spanish.  

To one side, facing the Beave Tails stand, has been a succession of buskers. First there was a violinist who played Vivaldi’s “Summer” from The Four Seasons over and over. Then can a guitarist with bangles on his ankles, but I could not hear what he was playing. Now there’s a man playing Disney movie songs on a flute, and children are dancing in front of him. 

It’s interesting to observe the people who pass by. Some deliberately don’t look at the display of books. Then there are others who will stop and love to chat. They’ll ask a couple of questions, but some seem more intent on telling you their own stories. 

Be careful what you tell me, I think. I’m a writer, and I just may put your story into a book. Or I may put you into a book.

This is my second time at the ByWard Market. The first time, in May, I actually sold quite a few books. So far today, sales have been a lot slower, but there is still some time. I’m hopeful.

I have stood up to read from my books three times so far, earning a smattering of applause. You can see the video on Facebook.

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